Our Technology

Our patented Omnia system was developed to address the need in the gene therapy space for a true platform delivery technology. We are developing therapeutics comprised of our proprietary Omnia™ platform, active CRISPR proteins, such as Cas9, and the target-specific guide RNA (and DNA template molecules when required).


The unique platform opportunity is based on the application-agnostic nature of all of the components of the final therapeutic. Omnia™ will carry CRISPR proteins (such as Cas9) that are already complexed to the targeting guide RNA. The guide RNAs have similar chemistry for any gene target, modified only in their sequence to allow for specific gene binding. Therefore, we have an opportunity to create a host of genome editing therapeutics, based on essentially on the same material composition. The benefit of this platform is realized in the opportunity to establish the core components that will be used in every therapeutic going forward. With each approval, Omnia™ will shepherd the use of those components as standard solutions. The pre-clinical demonstration of the Omnia™ platform is intended to lead to multiple development partnerships across many therapeutic areas.

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Incisive Genetics’ Omnia™ platform offers significant advantages over other modes of CRISPR delivery, namely, nucleic acid or viral delivery techniques.

Omnia™ delivers the CRISPR ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex: the pre-assembled protein and guide RNA components, allowing quick on-target action of the cargo, followed by natural degradation and clearance of these components by existing cell mechanisms. Since the protein and guide RNA are already pre-complexed into the  ribonucleoprotein (RNP), the two pieces do not need to find each other inside the cell, allowing for increased efficiency and efficacy, before being degraded and cleared after making the edit to the DNA.

This degradation is an important step in gene editing, as the RNP complex may be capable of off-target cutting of the DNA if it remains active for a long period of time. Delivery of the active RNP allows for quick action (cut) and quick clearance of the components, decreasing the risk of off-target effects.

The Omnia™ platform is compatible with any combination of endonucleases and guide RNAs. By changing the guide RNA sequence, it can be used to deliver cargo that targets almost anywhere in the human genome.