Who We Are

The Incisive Genetics (IG) team spans all aspects of therapeutic development, from pre-clinical scientific investigations and human clinical testing to pharmaceutical partnerships.

Dr. Blair R. Leavitt (CEO & Founder) leads the IG team. His more than two decades of experience as an academic, neuroscientist and practicing neurologist backed by a solid team of scientists, firmly positions IG as a major player in the field of CRISPR-based gene therapy. This exciting technology has the potential to revolutionize the treatment and prevention of diseases by the direct correction of genetic defects at the DNA level.

Dr. Leavitt, a UBC professor of Medical Genetics, is a leading world expert in Huntington’s disease (HD); he has consulted on and conducted several clinical trials, including the first genetic therapy trial in HD.

The scientific background of IG’s team members includes all aspects of translational (multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative, patient-driven) medicine. Our team’s diverse, interdisciplinary skill sets will be instrumental in bringing our gene editing therapies from the bench to the clinic.

Delivery is one of the central components of every single gene therapy. It doesn’t matter how great the therapy is if it never gets inside the cell, or if they provoke a lethal immune response. Many delivery vectors are currently plagued with low organ-level precision, low efficiency, and/or high immunogenicity.

- Andy Tran, Andreesen Horowitz, 2019

IG’s business team provides decades of experience, including executive-level management, drug commercialization, business development, intellectual property protection, corporate finance and venture capital.

Incisive Genetics has secured the exclusive worldwide license from the University of British Columbia to the foundational Incisive Delivery System™ (IDS) and continues to build out its intellectual property and patent portfolio through additional research and development. Currently, Incisive Genetics is focused on continued development of the IDS platform for therapeutic gene editing cargos.

Incisive Genetics has undertaken key research activities to support the pre-clinical development of the Incisive Delivery System™, achieving significant proof of concept data for effective in vivo gene editing. We have approached our studies in a systematic way that enables us to iterate on our foundational system. We are actively using our platform to develop strategies for multiple disease indications, as well as creating new product modifications.


Gene editing is a completely new approach to disease management, and this therapeutic area is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace. Thanks to CRISPR technology, a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes, science that was impossible in the past has now become reality. More than 7,000 monogenic diseases now have the potential to be treated using CRISPR technology.

However, other established CRISPR companies are currently using various delivery methods, each of which has multiple potential pitfalls. With delivery being a key component of every single gene therapy, success can only be achieved by offering a delivery vector that is highly efficient. This is where the Incisive Delivery System™ is set to disrupt and transform the field of CRISPR technology. The IDS platform enables a one-step encapsulation and safe, effective and efficient delivery of the key active CRISPR complex in a single package.

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